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Guild Lore

Once known as the Weeping Maple Monastery of Redridge, named after the large dead maple tree in the center of the apple orchards that surround the area, the Monastery was renamed to the Monastery of Saint Clement after the Brotherhood of Clemency took over the area.

The monastery had been abandoned when the Blackrock orcs began attacking Redridge, with few defenses such as two ballista’s and nothing more than a heavy gate to fortify and protect the monks and ministers of the Monastery it soon fell to the Orcs who utilized dragons for their aerial assaults as well as heavy iron bombs for their ground attacks. The once lush vineyards and apple orchards surrounding the Monastery grounds, while not destroyed, have become extremely overgrown and wild due to the abandonment. Wild animals have made their homes in the fields and thorny weeds have begun growing over the various vines to choke the life out of them, giving the fields an extremely eerie look.

With the legion attacks in recent months, rumors of various summoner Orcs-- remnants of the Blackrock returning to Redridge to try and take over once more have surfaced. The mountains of Redridge, serving as their shield, is where they hold their bases to prepare another assault, this time stronger with their demonic foes than ever before.

The Brotherhood took over the Monastery and reestablished it to make it their home from which they can provide easy missionary works to the Diocese of Stormwind and its sister Dioceses. They rid the surrounding areas of the Blackrock Orcs and their demonic filth to make sure the Monastery could never again fall to its enemies as it did in the past.
Once these matters were handled and the threat quelled the Monastery can be revitalized, the fields cleared and reused, and portals to various other locations such as Whelands Isle, Caltonshire, and Northshire may be stabilized for ease of travel and access.