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Information about OOC bits like ranks and rules concerning the Guild.
The Monastery of Saint Clement is lead by Battle Cleric Nelany Faersong who oversees the offices and appointments of the Cloister.
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This Order ministers to any and all who need intensive care and medical support provided by Priests and Paladins alike so that all may live with dignity and in safety. The Companion Daughters and Sons of Charity are the Healer Division of the Brotherhood of Clemency.
The Brotherhood of the Alabaster Lion is a elite military sector of the Brotherhood, tasked with the proper care and understanding of tactics and combat training this section is led by Clement Abbor.
Templars can be members of any organization that serves the Light, but they tend to keep themselves unaffiliated from larger organisations such as the Alliance or the Horde and focus on combating the Scourge, Burning Legion, and Twilight's Hammer, as well as other sources of corruption. Led and taught by Maekar Suntreader these individuals choose not to involve themselves with the Horde-Alliance tensions.
Section IX are a light-adhering, stealthy order of the Church of the Holy Light. Its primary charge and purpose is to defend the faithful depredations of evil, and overseeing the safety of the Holy Lands. Particularly dealing with those wrought by Fel and Shadow and all servants and adherents of the Great Dark. Led by Popohnia Crystalrose and Marcus DeBray, the Section IX are a group of clerics who understand that sometimes for you to combat evil you can't follow the orthodox ways of doing so.
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Discussion about strategies the guild uses
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