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The Brotherhood of Clemency Welcomes You!

The Brotherhood of Clemency is a religious order that sprang from the ranks of the Church of the Holy Light.
It is composed of the lowest folk; Farmers, Tailors, Scribes as well as Bishops, Priests, and Knights and was formed in response to the suffering inflicted upon the small folk by various Crusades sanctioned by the larger Church of Light.

The Brotherhood was founded by Patriarch Eric Shawston, a self-ordained Priest, to aid those who did not have the means to aid themselves. Now, the Order is lead by a serving council of Clerics and Knights who have all witnessed the suffering of others first hand.
With the aid of the brotherhood the small folk has been able to reseed and rebuild their war torn homes and lands.
The Councils mission is to spread the teachings of its Patron Saint, Clement the Merciful, and forgive those that have
done wrong in the name of the Holy Light, the Church, and their own selfish ambitions.

"The prayers of the faithful rise up to the Light, where they are heard and answered on high.
Those whose prayers are born out of self-interest will receive no satisfaction.
But, the one who prays for what he truly needs will see his needs satisfied tenfold.
The one who prays for others will see his prayers answered, and he shall gain the blessing of the Light.
And, the one who prays in thanksgiving will find his needs fulfilled.
Those who love the Light give of themselves to others.
Those who give all will receive all, and those who give nothing will receive nothing.
To the one who gives forth all that he has, the Light will give what is needful.
But, to the one who, possessing much, gives nothing, the Light, abundant in grace, will give nothing.
This is why the faithful must serve others, for great are the gifts of the Light."